ULTRA HIGH Importance CALL for action WE need your vote and


ULTRA HIGH Importance


CALL for action WE need your vote and support


****Deadline to act is Feb 18th 2020**** 


  Allow me to simplify this 94 page Toole Design Master Plan of the Stower Seven Lake Trail.  


  The politics of this nearly 20 year debate between the silent sports enthusiasts versus the motorized community is coming to a close on whether or not to allow snowmobiles on this much needed corridor trail.


   In short, we need everyone and we mean   EVERYONE!


to fill out this form and hit the submit button showing your support for the SA3 option of this master plan that gets snowmobiles on this trail!


    ****** YOUR VOTE COUNTS! ******


  Tell your Friends, Family, and Riding Buddies etc. 


So, if you EVER want the opportunity to ride on this trail its now all up to you.


Your voices will be heard by all of the POLK COUNTY BOARD members 


fill out this form below.


Get everyone you know to this site and vote. 




Forward this to any one that you know and click on the link below and it will take you right to the page to complete