Call to Action: Support AB 180 Trail Maintenance Bill

The AWSC Legislative Team is requesting that you take a moment to email and/or call your legislators and request that they support Assembly Bill 180 (AB 180), which increases the $250 per mile cap for maintenance to $300 per mile along with raising the grooming requirement to qualify for supplemental from $150 per mile to $200. In addition, it will eliminate the sunset clause on the trail pass program to provide a permanent funding source for the program.  


To ensure that AB 180 receives efficient consideration in the legislature, legislators need to hear from you. Take this opportunity to tell your legislators how AB 180 will impact your local snowmobile club and community.


To assist you in communicating with your legislators, below are sample talking points that may be used in an email and/or a phone call. Please personalize these talking points. The contact information for your State Senator and State Representative is available online here:  Type your voting address into the “Find My Legislators” search tool on the right side of the page.


THANK YOU for supporting the AWSC, the STMC and Wisconsin’s statewide snowmobile program! 

Below is a sample of Talking Points for an Email and/or Phone call to Legislators.  You may use this to aid in your communication.


To: <<Insert Senator/Representative email address>>

Subject: Please Support AB 180 and Wisconsin’s Snowmobile Program 

Dear <<Senator/Representative ____________>>:

My name is <<__________________________>> and I am a member of <<insert name of local snowmobile club and/or AWSC>> in <<________>>County.  I have been a snowmobiler for <<______>> years.

I am contacting you on behalf of myself, as your constituent, and on behalf of my fellow snowmobilers statewide to urge you to please support AB 180, which will help maintain Wisconsin’s snowmobile trails and ensure the continued vitality of the statewide snowmobile program.  AB 180 will:

* Allow local snowmobile clubs to be reimbursed more for per-mile trail maintenance activities, which will help state snowmobile trails remain in excellent condition; and

* Provide a permanent funding source for the statewide snowmobile program through the highly successful trail pass program; 

Please support AB 180 and ensure that Wisconsin’s snowmobile program remains a national model! 


Thank you for your support,

<<Insert name, address and email/phone number>>